Couldn’t have asked for more!

What a great experience I had working with Jonathan Vaknin on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He is professional, attentive and very thorough. His experience and knowledge shows in all aspects of what he does. He really knows the law and what he is doing but what sets him apart is his warmth and understanding of his clients needs. I believe that anything needing an attorney can be stressful but he walked me through each step and made me feel supported the whole way through. He explained every detail and was extremely patient. His pricing was very reasonable especially for the time and attention that he gave to me and my case. I didn’t think that I would ever say that I would trust an attorney like “family” however in the case of Jonathan Vaknin I definitely do!

Posted by Leslie

couldn’t ask for more

It was a pleasure to work with Mr Vaknin. He communicated every step of the way. He was also the calming entity during a very stressful time for me. He was always responsive to my questions in a timely manner. I would use his services again and highly recommend him

Posted by Heather

Made my bankruptcy process painless. Jonathan has a real human touch.

I was referred to Mr. Vaknin by Credit Karma. From the first phone interview right through to my public creditors/trustee meeting, Mr. Vaknin proved responsive, caring, patient and completely on the ball in swiftly and accurately guiding me through the filing process. Thanks Jonathan!

Posted by Ben

chapter 13

Mr. Vaknin is an excellent attorney very personable and professional. He has always given me 100 percent of his effort and knowledge. I would recommend Mr. Vaknin to anyone looking for an attorney.

Posted by anonymous

Very professional, personable, and attentivie

I hired Jonathan Vaknin for the filing of my ch. 7 bankruptcy. At the onset, mr. Vaknin did a great job of clearly explaining the entire process to me, and through each step he provided simple and clear instruction of what was needed from me for him to complete the filing. Mr. Vaknin was very easy to reach whenever I had a question or needed clarification. I own a corporation so in order to list all of my assets, a good number of documents pertaining to my business were needed to be included. Despite the added complexity that this added, at the meeting of creditors, the trustee appeared to be very impressed with how organized and detailed our filings were. I already held mr. Vaknin in high regard and the interaction with the trustee only served to reinforced my opinion. Filing for bankruptcy is quite scary, but I felt calmed and reassured both by mr. Vaknin’s professional ability as well as his demeanor. The fact that he is such a good communicator made me feel that I was not alone in this process. I wholeheartedly recommend mr. Vaknin for anyone facing the unpleasant situation of having to file for bankruptcy.

Posted by anonymous

Best Lawyer Ever!!

Omg where do I start! Mr Vaknin was heaven sent in a time when I didn’t know what I was going to do, after a messy divorce I needed to file bankruptcy to get from under all the debt I was in. I was referred to Jonathan by Credit Karma, I was so confused and didn’t know if I really wanted to go this route after speaking with Jonathan I felt comfortable with my decision to move forward with filing bankruptcy. Jonathan was with me every step of the way no matter how many questions I had he had the answer and if he didn’t he found the answer, he made me feel like I was more then a pay check he treated me like family and he was represented me like family,he fought for me as if he was fighting for himself. He was able to negotiate a personal loan that had an outrageous percentage rate of 33% down to 5% and the total owing balance from $8k to $2700, monthly payment from $300 per month for 3yrs to $150 per month for 18months. He wouldn’t let me settle for nothing that wasn’t in my best interest and for this I’m forever grateful. To make the decision to file bankruptcy was not easy but with Jonathan by my side to guide me made the experience much easier to deal with and accept. Thank you Jonathan for making a difference in my life and being more than just my lawyer but someone that supported me during a time when I needed to be supported.

Posted by LaRonda

Very good young lawyer

Attorney Jonathan Vaknin was personal, attentive and caring with our estate planning, creating trust, will and other documents we asked him for. We were inexperienced in this fields and his guidance was extremely important in the matter. He was thorough and patient with millions of questions we had. Thank you so much Jonathan!

Posted by Julia

Jonathan Vaknin

Jonathan guided us through a very difficult time. When we had questions a while later he was still available to give us advice and provide us with valuable information.

Posted by Catherine

Amazing Professionalism!

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Jonathan Vaknin as the best in the area of services that he provides! Mr. Vaknin responded to queries instantly, handled issues as they arose in a timely manner, and, was courteous and respectful at all times in all communications with me.

Posted by Kevin

Responsive, Thorough, and Friendly

Jonathan is incredibly personable. My husband and I were recently doing our wills for the first time (as well as other complex estate planning documents), and my legal insurance was going to expire in a matter of days. I reached out to Jonathan to see if he would be able to accommodate my request to be put together in a matter of days. Within a few hours, I had a response from him and a list of questions that he would need to complete the request. Upon sending the paperwork back to him, he quickly put together our paperwork, scheduled an appointment for the following day, and continued to be available via email once the final documents were issued to us. Additionally, his office is housed in a very creative space, staffed by very friendly people. A strong recommendation for Jonathan from my husband and I!

Posted by David

Excellent experience

First time I have ever needed to hire an Attorney and Jonathan was superb. He helped in so many ways. Made my wife feel better about the situation, helped with every detail needed before the hearing, helped with consultation and ultimately had the case thrown out of the courtroom due to its nature. Thanks so much Jonathan!

Posted by Jason

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Attorney Jonathan Vaknin was very helpful from the moment I called him with questions regarding bankruptcy. He and his assistant answered all my questions, were very helpful filling all paperwork and filled me in on the entire process. The process itself went by smoothly thanks to his knowledge and professionalism. He also kept me up to date on everything with my case up to the last payment I made. I truly recommend him to anyone as he not only is a great friendly lawyer but person as well.

A very happy Customer

Posted by Gustavo

A very helpful lawyer

Jonathan setup a living trust for me. I met with him twice in his office and had some phone call and email interaction with him. He has been consistently quick, responsive and generous with his time. He was efficient and well prepared to guide me through the legalese, and had provided useful questionnaires to figure out the best way to help. I started out looking for a will but he helped shape my final requirements based on my real needs and situation. I appreciate that he went the extra mile to build a good relationship by welcoming all my questions, and never allowing me to feel rushed or uncomfortable. I felt he was trying to provide me the best service I could get.

He has a very amicable manner and is a lawyer I would highly recommend.

Posted by anonymous

Getting the job done.

Jonathan is a great lawyer. I got to keep my home when I filed bankruptcy. He found a way and got me started on my way to a FRESH start, I cannot thank him enough!

Posted by Craig

Walked me through one of the most difficult times…

Jon took us to the best outcome. One of the darkest times in my life, 3 business that could t change fast enough to adapt to the market, a terminally ill wife, and a department of justice investigation. Jon kept our chapter 7 on track and to discharge, the desired result. Jon showed up, was prepared and guided the process. Thank you!!!

Posted by anonymous

The real deal Holyfield!!!

Thank you Jonathan for helping and being there with me through the whole process of my case! I really appreciated the time and energy you spent. You were very thorough and knowledgeable on what you do and the way you process things. My case was handled with true professionalism and genuine concern.I really appreciated the up-front and honest communications. As well, the end result was absolutely fantastic! Finally, I truly believe that the fee for their services were perfectly affordable. I will absolutely recommend this office to anyone in need of legal service. Thank you again! Cheers!

Posted by Kevin

Thank you Very Much!

We had another lawyer assigned to help us with our bankruptcy case. For some reason, Attorney Vaknin was assigned to us instead. After our first meeting we felt comfortable with him as our representative because of the knowledge and trustworthy personality that he brought to the table. His compassion and being approachable made us at ease that he was the one assigned to our case. Through it all and to the end, we are very glad that things changed for our benefit, because Mr. Vaknin helped us out a great deal. We got our discharge sooner than expected!

Posted by Patrick

Excellent BK attorney!

I highly recommend the services of Jonathan Vaknin. He is knowledgeable, professional and polite. He is a hard worker as evidenced by his many late nights working on my behalf. He gives thorough and detailed explanations; he will go to bat for you as his client.

Posted by anonymous